Welcome! Lynn Schofield Clark is an author, Professor in Media, Film, and Journalism Studies, and Director of the Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media at the University of Denver.

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  • 2014 Travel Plans
    Visiting Fellow, Digital Ethnography Research Center, RMIT (Melbourne, Australia) Mar 11: “Parenting in a Digital Age” Public Presentation, RMIT, 3 PM Mar 18: All-day workshop on writing & ethnographic methods, RMIT (w/Heather Horst) Ap 1- 4: U of Queensland (w/Zala … Continue reading →
  • News on The Parent App
    I spoke about my book The Parent App: Understanding Families in a Digital Age on:
  • Communication Across Generations
      A few days ago I led a workshop on digital and mobile media use with a group of people who were grandparents and parents of older children.  One thing that generated a great deal of discussion involved texting. According … Continue reading →

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  • Rethinking the role of digital media in family life
    Today’s parents of young children are much more comfortable with communication technologies than were the generation of parents who preceded them, as a significant U.S. report released yesterday confirmed. These parents are using technologies like the TV, smartphones, computers, and tablets to manage family life and to keep children occupied. And as children […]
  • Making an iPhone contract w/kids? Ask them what they want from you.
    I just published a blog entry response to the “iPhone contract” that made the rounds earlier this week (referring to the mom who wrote a contract with her 13-year-old son that outlined expected behaviors). I decided to take my own advice and have my kids take the lead in writing up a family technology agreement. […]
  • Setting up a contract about tech use with your kids
    The holidays are a time when lots of parents give gifts of technology to their children. And so, when a mom in Cape Cod created and then blogged about an 18-point contract for her son as she gave him an iPhone for Christmas, I guess I wasn’t too surprised to see that her contract went […]

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Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism and New Media, Department of Media, Film, and Journalism Studies, University of Denver, 2490 S. Gaylord St., Denver, CO 80208 (303) 871-3984. Email: Lynn (dot) Clark (at) DU.EDU.